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Mobile aluminium ladder scaffolding

Mobile and fixed aluminium ladder scaffolding from the world leading manufacturer Cagsan. Modular scaffolding with a work height starting at 3 meters for sale or rent.

Mobile aluminium ladder scaffolding

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  • Working height: 3 Meters
PL002 - 8 Step Multipurpose...
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PL002 - 8 Step Multipurpose...

Price ₪1,750.00

Platform Ladders can be used in several different ways. For example, the ladders that hold the platform can be attached to each other when it is removed to form an A type or a double part ladder. They can also be used as stand-alone single ladders. The platform height can be changed by fixing the platform on the required rung at 30 cm intervals.
A safe and stable working environment is guaranteed by the steel diagonal and horizontal braces with a maximum platform load of 150 Kg.
Any slipping risk is eliminated by foot guards and stability is provided by the long stabilizers. It has a light, safe and durable design that is easy to move around and deliver to any work area.


Tech Specs:

Max work height: 2.91m

Max platform height: 1.11m

Minimum Height: 2.46m

Platform size: 155X45

A ladder work height: 2.82m

Overall weight: 38.5m 

The price does not include taxes, delivery and assembly.